Tuesday, July 14, 2009

boba funk speed painting

Here's a new speed painting.  I call it that only because the video is condensed,  this painting took several days to complete.  I learn the most from other painters when I can observe their process-I hope these videos are helpful or at the very least interesting.  Oil on board.  Enjoy.

if for some reason this video doesn't play automatically, click in the timeline to get it moving.


Hey! Heysu, Lee said...

hallo JP!!

it's very interesting to watch!
Good Job. HOw are you doing?,

I am having the most fantastic time ever in Korea
only joking, it's so boring that I'm going to die.
Anyway, take care and keep in touch!

Ben H. Shapiro said...

This is awesome. JP, you are awesome. It looks more like Jango than Boba ;). Hope you're doing well kid. Hit me up when you're in the 602. Peace.

The Crooked Man said...

I love this. Do you sell your stuff? Is this for sale?

JP Peer said...

Thanks for the interest, the piece is still available please contact me at jpeer9@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

AWESOME WORK...YOUR STYLE is very unique ...very euro feel..great stuff!

Gerald de Dios said...

Wicked Skillz!!! Totally dig it

Gypsy said...

i really like your red stripped shirt in your video.